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About Us

Our History

After a discussion with a frustrated, local artist-turned board member, Jesse Spears, Shannon O'Sullivan, our Executive Director,  realized that rising housing costs and the prohibitive cost of studio space were making it impossible for burgeoning artists to thrive.  Finding a solution to that problem is exactly how Secret Land was born. 

Our Mission

To provide a space, both physical and emotional, to female-identified and non-binary artists to allow them to develop a body of work that can be used to further their artistic careers.  Our program, while limited in time, strives to be unlimited in the potential it can unlock for our artists, 

Our Team

Our Board is comprised of 4 extremely creative women active in the arts and art education, and one slightly-creative JD who creates the structure for the creatives to build on.  All five are dedicated to building a program that will provide aspiring artists the room and tools to find their voice and express themselves. 



Artists need Space

We offer our recipients SPACE.  A safe, non-critical, modern studio space, 400 square feet of it – something increasingly hard to come by for any but the most accomplished of professional artists. 


Artists need Supplies

This generously funded studio experience encourages exploration of the artistic process through access to a focused art library, visits to the studios of other working artists, and stipends for supplies and books, as well as the simple part of working in solitude and the benefits that brings to the artist. 


Artists need Exposure

At each year’s end all recipients are invited to have their work included in a group show at a reputable gallery in the Los Angeles area. 

A residency at Secret Land will help strengthen the artists voice and promises to be an experience that enriches the soul of the artist for years to come. 

Discover More

We're currently in the process of building Secret Land and this informational webpage is just a placeholder for things to come.  If you're interested in more information about our program, perhaps considering applying, or if you want to help us further our support of local Los Angeles artists, please contact us today.

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